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    Wezen 4.5 (PUBG) Working & undetected
    Akamar 4.1 (R6S) ... Work in progress
  1. RedSmoked

    IMPORTANT Post your suggestions here!

    Psilent aimbot would be nice.
  2. RedSmoked

    SOLVED HWID reset

    I need a hwid reset please. I am using on the same pc but for some reason it detects it as a different pc after Turing off the smt mode in bios. Thank you
  3. RedSmoked

    SOLVED Can't login

    I turn off SMT in bios for better fps and now I can't login in loder says they key belong to other pc or something like that. It doesn't recognise my pc. Help
  4. RedSmoked

    IMPORTANT Post your suggestions here!

    Aimbot prediction and bullet drop. And silent aim would be awesome. Please consider adding this features.
  5. RedSmoked

    SOLVED No aim prediction ?

    Is there no aim prediction ?
  6. RedSmoked


    I played 2 games and got BSOD in the middle of the game. Specs: windows 10. Amd ryzen 7 16 gb ram, rtx 2080ti
  7. RedSmoked

    cant buy wezen.

    i am stuck on "Transaction is being processed ..." never mind it worked after few attempts