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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
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    Wezen 4.5 (PUBG) Working & undetected
    Akamar 4.1 (R6S) ... Work in progress
Wezen is an highly advanced program for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

Available on Windows 10 only, Wezen is continuously updated after each update of the game to stay working and undetected. It is easy to use, if you are not an IT genius, it won't be a problem! If you need help, please create a thread in the support section, an admin will answer you within 24 hours. If you have any questions regarding our software, feel free to contact us by private messages or use the support section.

Buy it now and start cheating in less than 5 minutes!

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Is the best cheat, i use every and not get ban, esp item and players esp is gooddd, i think need too norecoil, nut now, is good, sorry for english, i am brazilian player
The cheat is very good overall. Some things that need improvement are: speed at which the ESP updates whether the player is behind or outside the wall to identify whether he can kill him or not. Overall it's perfect. Thanks to the Professor and the whole team!
So let me just start off by saying with every cheat there is always a slight risk of it being detected and you getting a possible ban.
With that being said though this cheat is by far the best not only for the price but also for the customer support, and the lowest rate of bans then other programs I have tested.

Accurate ESP
Customer Support
Low Bans
Easy Download
Great Community
Fast response times

Slight FPS drop
Taskbar pops up alot in game
After using this cheat for a whole day I can say that it is very reliable and effective for the cheap price you pay. I've won many games in a very legit manner and I've been overall impressed with the UI and development done with this cheat. For a start in the PUBG cheating world I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in obtaining a cheap and easy to use alternative to the premium AAA cheats.
Hello This trick is verry good! I luv it
Hello !
Here is an honest and argumented review.
The hack looks great, visuals are ok (loader; menu; ig visuals).
aimbot is really strong
Missing few features to be an AAA cheat.
A real great point is performance. The cheat is optimized, don't consume resources.
But wezen is young and under development.
His developer is working hard and has great consideration for his community, and he loves quality, you can feel it using the hack.
That's why i put 4 stars.
Be sure in 1 or 2 months i will post a 5 stars review argumenting why wezen is better than other, i trust in the motivation and capacities of the developer.
nice cheat ^^ verry good
I have great expectations for this cheating
I've been using prometheus methods cheats for a few months now and never got any bans compared with some others in the past. Their newer cheats "wezen" offers a little bit of everything and it's interface is really easy to use. It's good to finally have found a provider that cares of his products.

I definitely recommend trying it out!
thanks a lot <3 its first my cheat
For this price you get the best. :D
Works as advertised. Lag-free. Considering it's in Beta the way it performs is outstanding. Not to mention the crazy-affordable price. Comparing it to other "manufacturers" this is the most-hands on experience I've seen. Support answers any questions within minutes and resolves the issues just as fast. All in all one of the best products you can currently get. Would recommend.
Perspective works well, but it doesn't aim automatically
An excellent cheat with working functionality, there are some bugs that I am sure will remove in the next updates, buy and enjoy the cheat
better support no doubt ^^
AMAZİNG !!!!!!!! İf its possible İ will really give 999999 stars :)
C'est carré comme le nord de la corée
WAHOU, première fois que j’essaie un cheat et vraiment pas déçus, super simple d'utilisation !!
Best cheat provided, undetected and works like a charm! Thank you

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