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  • Sirius 6.1 (PUBG) | Alphecca 4.2 (APEX) | Akamar 1.6 (R6S) Being Updated (Unknown)
I bought this cheat because they let me try it before and it left a good taste.

I used the software all day without crashes or problems in-game. The cheat is very good, easy to use without complications and it works great, I have bought it for the "No Recoil" feature and it works perfectly. Totally recommended if you're finding No-Recoil cheat, and it's totally undetected.

The pubg cheat sirius is pretty good =)

excellent work
my alphecca review
the software is smooth af and pretty simple to use and i like the glow its so good with information but there is some missing features that ive used before but not in the cheat now i hope they get added back again such as highlight good loot with glow and aimbot with smooth and fov and many settings for aimbot so you can look more legit otherwise the cheat is great and i recommend it!
this pubg cheat is the best ones i ever used i already purchased the cheat more than 5 times and i love it every time i really recommend this cheat you should totally 100% get this cheat
This chair/cheat really suprised me.First of all the admins are super nice and gave me a 2 hour key which really won me over.I had then bought a license and havent been playing any other game than PUBG,all because of this cheat.

The chams really makes ones life easy,and the no recoil mod is godly.I also love the loaders built-in chat as it makes life easier for new players/users.

Thanks El Profesor for blessing us with such godlike hacks.
Works just as described.. Awesome service. Would definitely recommend
it works perfectly, I'm happy with it. I've tried a lot of providers, but it's the best so far.
it's very easy i love it <3
really powerfull and very easy to use
I had no problem with the use of the program, great support!
Best hacks !! No recoil and no foliage are just perfect !
works like it should
Good client, works perfectly! Fast delivery aswell.
They are safe for 9 month wow it's very good <3
I've been using Sirius for a while, cheating is amazing.
Love it!

If you run into a problem the admins help immediately and there is also a "chat" section in the cheat menu for others to help. All features work fantastically. Definitely the best cheat i've found so far. It's cheat and not sketchy like almost every other cheat.
Εxcellent quality products from Prom. Methods. everything works as it should with no mess around. highly recommended
Good :)
Very very nice. Security and stabil. Perfect ..