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best cheetos i ever used i like it
i use the cheat very good i paid staff super helpful and fast
Thanks for the awesome cheat but

The Aimbot is a bit laggy (7/10) if I press the button sometimes it´s aiming in a completely other way

Damn I love the ESP especially the Cav ESP! (10/10)

Jesus I miss the Anti Recoil I played all the time with Anti Recoil and now without every weapon jesus (10/10)

I personally don´t like the chams but it´s working very good so a (9/10)
amazing Product :)) really happy with this product
Perfect, I have nothing to complain about
I love Akamar its the best for me as legit cheater. I hope the Project will continue. <3
I Rate The Akamar 10/10 it has all the stuff you need to and the best bit is that the prices are the LOWEST you will ever find And Everything Works Just Fine When You Use It 10/10 Rating
i would vouch everything is perfect<3
Overall, akamar is easily one of the best “chairs” I have used, and I highly recommend it. It has the great pricing, and greatest features, easily best bang for the buck.

Overall: 100%
Absolutely love this!!..Best I've used so far its so smooth and clean
+rep Cheat is rlly good for legit cheating. I havent been banned with the ula yet and its been 2 days. I will defo buy from them again

Aimbot 8/10
Visuals 9/10
Misc 10/10
Yo i love this fucking cheat, i love legit Cheats with only Chams. I hope this will be undetected a long time.
Best r6 cheat ever !!!!!!!
best in the world there is no other cheat that will beat this one for sure

amazing for boosting and amazing for its price. will buy later when i get the chance!!