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Alphecca is a simple but powerfull program for Apex Legends. Feel free to read the documentation or contact our support if any question/issue.

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Yo i love this fucking cheat, i love legit Cheats with only Chams. I hope this will be undetected a long time.
Reasonable price for such a great cheat. Convenient to use. Good technical support. I am very glad that I met these guys
Prometheusmethods Alphecca (Apex legends cheat) is one of the best ESP cheats I have ever used. they allways make it better . The esp is very bright and you can see it perfekt. The cheat runs smoth and i have no problem like fps drops or so . The cheat is good for player which want to play legit and aim by themself. And the extra thing is you have a radar which you can share with your 2 mates . The cheat is verpy cheap when you watch which prices the other seller sells and the support answer fast and good.
Since there is only ESP atm just gotta say its 10/10 ESP I ever used on Apex even with the map you can share with friends like that is so chill to have I recommend buying this if you want a good quality ESP
my alphecca review
the software is smooth af and pretty simple to use and i like the glow its so good with information but there is some missing features that ive used before but not in the cheat now i hope they get added back again such as highlight good loot with glow and aimbot with smooth and fov and many settings for aimbot so you can look more legit otherwise the cheat is great and i recommend it!
Love it!

If you run into a problem the admins help immediately and there is also a "chat" section in the cheat menu for others to help. All features work fantastically. Definitely the best cheat i've found so far. It's cheat and not sketchy like almost every other cheat.
First of all, accurate and undetectable. Like, you don't need a hwid spoofer to use this cheat. It takes current data, process it up and give you the output through 3 different links. So, you and your friends can use it at the same time.
3 May 19 - v1.9
Now works great and clean.
I tried all features and they work.
Awesome! Thx
Thanks Profesor
Aimbot 10/10: Tested v1.6, the aimbot is perfect. Just lack of no legit setting, i hope in future there are smooth/aim speed/silent aim/other features added.

ESP 10/10: Excellent feature with plenty of options to choose.

Price 10/10: Good price, no complaint.

I recommend everyone to buy Alphecca.
This is a very good working hack, the ESP is perfect and the aimbot is working great as well, no detection so far!
Good service. Cheat is awesome!
Keep it up guys, you are doing an amazing job!
I don't know what to say beside its perfect. Really perfect.

ESP 10/10
Aimbot 15/10 better than I expected
Price 11/10 cheaper than other cheat/hacks I encountered
Item ESP
5/5 it gets what is needed done
Player ESP
5/5 Very clean and nice to look at.
3/5 needs some work with sorting the delay out as my cross hair likes to just follow the other players
?/5 Dont use as most of the time the speed gets me kicked
5/5 Nice and easy to navigate via the menu
Bought Apex:Legends cheat for 5 days and that cost me only 5 euro !

Aimbot 7/10: This aimbot is decent for long range fight but for close range it could be better, also there is no silent aim.

ESP & Glow 10/10: Perfect with many options.

ESP for item 6/10: it does it's job but with there is many item in one place like in death box the naming of item are over each other you can't read anything, You can specify what weapons you want to see instead it will show all types of weapons.

Price 12/10: OMG! super cheap i thing you can't find any other cheat even if it's only ESP with price like ALPHECCA !

overall rate 9/10
keep up the great work El Profesor !
Very great. Does not slow down my pc, a lot of options, easy settings, great potential!!!
easy to use and fast setup
Simple, easy and deadly ! The best and cheapest complete cheat I was looking for ! Amazing !
The best hack I've ever used, aimbot sometimes fails close to enemies, has no problems with CPU usage, ESP is very good.
Working smooth perfectly, without any problem on CPU usage and others
This is a very good working hack, the ESP is perfect and the aimbot is working great as well, no detection so far!

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